Card Pro Supplies

Timeless Authentic is the Exclusive USA Distributor for Supplies Manufacturer, Card Pro Supplies. If you are a Hobby Retailer, Dealer, Breaker, Wholesaler or Distributor, Timeless Authentic now carries the finest holders on the market. 

Why buy and use CP1 Graded Card Submission Size Semi-Rigid Holders?

- CP1 is approved by PSA, BGS, HGA and SGC to submit your cards for submission.

- CP1 is a Semi-Rigid Graded Card Submission Size Holder engineered to be more pliable, flexible and easier to use.

- CP1 is thinner by design than the current leading brands. Why? Current brands are very tight and are only able to handle standard 35pt cards or thinner. CP1 holds card sizes 35pt to 180pt and even thicker (like Jersey Patches and Relics).

- CP1 is perfect for Breakers & Retailers to use after opening packs, boxes and case breaks! Your customers will love it. Use a penny sleeve & CP1 and you're done. Easier to insert and greatly lowers the risk of damaging the corners of cards when placing in a CP1 holder.

- CP1 recently sold over 1,000,000+ CP1 Holders to one of the largest graded card submission dealers in the world. Our CP1 holders save them over 50% in time and labor preparing cards for submission with all the grading companies because CP1 is more pliable, flexible and easier to use.